History of the Guild

Our History
Our History

In the old northeast area of Indianapolis, Miss Edna Stover and Miss Edith Surby, both graduates of Butler College, began the work of “Christamore”. They had conceived the idea of establishing a settlement house – the first in the city – during their undergraduate days in the late 1800’s.

In 1905, with $5.00 and a deep conviction, Edna and Edith purchased property for the first Christamore Settlement House. To learn more about Edna and Edith's legacy and the significant milestones of the Guild over the past century, follow the Timeline below.

Our History

Historic Timeline of the Guild

Past Presidents
Past Presidents

1911-13 Miss Anita Baker
1913-14 Miss Lila Kurtz
1914-23 Miss Martha Carey
1923-24 Mrs. Reginald Hughes
1924-25 Mrs. Anna Marie Sayles
1925-26 Miss Julia Brink
1926-27 Miss Virginia Reed
1927-28 Mrs. George Home
1928-29 Mrs. George Parry
1930-32 Mrs. George Ziegler
1932-33 Mrs. Fred S. Boone
1933-34 Mrs. Russell Fortune
1934-36 Mrs. Conrad Ruckelshaus
1936-38 Mrs. R. Kirby Whyte
1938-39 Mrs. George Parry
1939-40 Mrs. Otto Frenzel
1940-41 Mrs. Florence B. Stewart
1941-43 Mrs. William Griffith
1943-45 Mrs. Keyes Atkins
1945-46 Mrs. Van Camp Mayer
1946-47 Mrs. Batiste Haueisen
1947-49 Mrs. Augustus Coburn
1949-50 Mrs. Wm. C. Bertermann
1950-52 Mrs. John W. Gamble
1952-54 Mrs. James M. Leffel, Jr.
1954-55 Mrs. C. K. Shafer
1955-56 Mrs. Joseph S. Williams
1956-58 Mrs. Frank W. Baron
1958-60 Mrs. Charles M. Wells
1960-62 Mrs. W. Shannon Hughes
1962-64 Mrs. Jack W. Bailey
1964-66 Mrs. William A. Rugg
1966-68 Mrs. Albert M. Gavit
1968-70 Mrs. Joseph C. Finneran
1970-72 Mrs. Edward Bennett, Jr.
1972-74 Mrs. Dan R. Winchell
1974-75 Mrs. David Garrett
1975-76 Mrs. J. Albert Smith, Jr.
1976-77 Mrs. David B. Spring
1977-78 Mrs. Robert J. Klein
1978-79 Mrs. Charles R. Davis
1979-80 Mrs. Michael P. Sweeney
1980-81 Mrs. Randolph P. Wilson
1981-82 Mrs. Anne Ewing Scheele

1982-83 Mrs. Wm. George
1983-84 Mrs. Robert Chase Lewis
1984-85 Mrs. Marlow W. Manion
1985-86 Mrs. Theodore D. Nering III
1986-87 Mrs. Derry L. Hallquist
1987-88 Mrs. Wallace R. Baker
1988-89 Mrs. Craig W. Mullins
1989-90 Mrs. Russell D. Richardson
1990-91 Mrs. David Smith
1991-92 Mrs. Gregg Boyd
1992-93 Mrs. Steve Dickmeyer
1993-94 Mrs. Patrick Carr
1994-95 Mrs. Stephen Gaerte
1995-96 Mrs. Michael Bosway
1996-97 Mrs. Arthur Marsh
1997-98 Mrs. Thomas O’Neil
1998-99 Mrs. Steven Schenck
1999-00 Mrs. Thomas W. Grein
2000-01 Mrs. Greg Mark
2001-02 Mrs. Robert Siderys
2002-03 Mrs. Lucius Hamilton
2003-04 Mrs. Wm. Craig Dobbs
2004-05 Ms. Lynda Goeke
2005-06 Mrs. Arthur Marsh
2006-07 Missy Grzeskowiak
2007-08 Melissa Rhodes
2008-09 Kelly Bodner
2009-10 Sarah Robinson
2010-11 Anne-Marie Dezelan
2011-12 Lynne Bir
2012-13 Dana Bain
2013-14 Lynn Fink
2014-15 Laura Geske
2015-16 Angela Ostrowski
2016-17 Jennifer Mitchell
2017-18 Paige Button
2018-19 Mary Hinkebein
2019-20 Stephanie Allen
2020-21 Joelle Baugher
2021-22: Jennifer Carman

Past Presidents
Looking Toward the Future
Ongoing Support

Additional renovations and modifications are continually ongoing, thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Christamore Guild members. As of 2019, the Guild is the largest source of private funds donated to the Christamore House. As times change and the needs of the House change, the Christamore House Guild maintains its creativity and flexibility in response to various demands for its volunteers and monies. As the challenges of the economy appear, the commitment of the Guild remains firmly planted in the facility and people of the Christamore House and our Frances Carter Coburn scholars.

Looking Toward the Future
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